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Before we start this oxygen course, this is a course just for delivering oxygen. What we're doing is we're assuming that you do know basic CPR, recovery position and first aid. When we're giving oxygen to somebody, then, the first aid that we're doing is exactly the same. We still would resuscitate the same way, we would still care for the person if someone's having a heart attack, all of this would be exactly the same. It's just that we're giving supplementary oxygen to help this person.

What we're going to do on the course is look at giving oxygen for someone you're doing CPR with, so whether you're using bag ventilation masks or whether you're using a pocket mask to resuscitate someone, you're still using the same basic concepts and the same ratios as you would with normal CPR. When you've got a breathing or an unconscious patient where you put them in the recovery position or someone's having a heart attack, you can still use supplementary oxygen. But we're not changing the core first aid or basic life support rules that you've already learned from your first aid.

If you need to know more information or you need to recap on first aid skills, then maybe look at our Pro BLS course or one of our other first aid courses to give you more background information to support the training that you'll get on this oxygen course.